Commercial Squirrel Exclusion



Got Squirrels?

If you are seeing holes chewed in the exterior of your commercial building, hearing scratching, scraping or rubbing sounds in your attic, chimney or wall voids, you might have a squirrel problem.

Squirrels are active during the day so you may hear them at dawn and at dusk.

We often take squirrel-related calls from professionals such as:

  • Building inspectors
  • Property management firms
  • Building owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance adjustors
  • Building engineers
  • Building superintendents

Consider these squirrel facts:

  • There are 200+ species of squirrels worldwide. In North America, common species include gray, fox and red tree squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels.
  • Female squirrels typically have two litters a year, with an average of two to four young per litter. Litters are usually born in late winter and midsummer. The average squirrel lifespan is between five and six years.
  • Squirrel droppings are similar in size to peas or raisins, approximately 1/4″ in length.
  • Squirrels can carry ectoparasites including fleas and ticks.

We’re Here to Help!

Dangerous or bothersome squirrels will continue to be a nuisance until stopped. Controlling squirrels and other wildlife in and around your business is what we do every day. Along with our squirrel control service, we also offer:*

  • Squirrel trapping and removal
  • Squirrel entry prevention
  • Squirrel damage repair, including attic and insulation restoration and repair, and chimney caps and repairs

*Services offered vary by location.

We Understand Squirrel Behavior

Removing squirrels can be very tricky since they run, climb and jump very quickly. And although squirrels can be a nuisance and cause damage, they are important to the ecosystem.

That’s why squirrel removal is the best option. Our wildlife specialists will:

  • Select the most effective and humane removal method possible
  • Remove squirrel droppings and nesting materials
  • Remove and decontaminate soiled insulation
  • Locate points of entry and seal entry points
  • Advise you on how to keep squirrels out of your office building
  • Offer preventative services and products

Eliminate Squirrels from Your Business – Now

Squirrels have a tendency to enter buildings through even the smallest holes. They can get trapped or build nests in eaves, soffits, walls and crawl spaces, and cause significant damage to both the interior and exterior of the building.

There’s no limit to what squirrels can damage with their teeth. They often gnaw on electrical wiring, which puts commercial properties at risk of electrical fire. They can also damage structural support beams, shingles, lead pipes and gutters.

Squirrels rarely bite unless they’ve been cornered or feel threatened, but they carry and transmit diseases including Lyme disease, salmonellosis, tularemia and leptospirosis, making their presence undesirable and occasionally dangerous.