Humane Animal Control



A dangerous or bothersome animal that comes too close for comfort becomes a wildlife control problem. Critter Control Spokane provides humane wildlife animal control services to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. Wildlife damage problems that require professional wild animal control services are increasing throughout the United States. If you are experiencing problems with raccoons in the attic, bats in your chimney, or opossums in walls, call our professional animal trappers.

Rodent droppings and soiled attic insulation can be more than just a nuisance. Many wild animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Wild animals left unattended can quickly cause a great deal of damage to your attic, crawlspace and basement resulting in chewed wires, fires, matted and damaged insulation, holes in heating and cooling ducts or other problems. Wildlife control can seem daunting to the average homeowner, but we’re here to help. Call Critter Control today. We will take take care care of your wildife control concern so you can get back to the things that matter.

The Humane Wild Animal Control Solution

Since 1983 the Critter Control concept has called for humane animal control and environmentally-responsible techniques for taking care of nuisance animal problems including animal control, animal removal, animal damage repair, animal exclusion and animal pest control prevention services. We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound animal control services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

Appreciating wildlife and the natural environment we share is one of the first steps in resolving wildlife conflicts with humans. Tolerance and understanding solve many perceived ‘wildlife problems’ borne from irrational fears. Bats and snakes, for example, are very beneficial to the environment – but they are often misunderstood, and rarely a danger to humans. While there are times when we can let nature take care of itself, sometimes wildlife conflicts must be resolved to prevent further damage to our homes and property, and protect human health and safety.

Critter Control has introduced CritterSafe to offer an even more humane wildlife management option, using non-lethal animal removal, no-trap animal control, wildlife release on-site, or one-way doors to minimize stress on our wild neighbors. CritterSafe also includes our exclusive Animal Entry Worksheet home inspection and detection service, to identify potential wildlife entry points and prevent opportunistic animals from damaging your home or business in the future.

Critter Safe Options

CritterSafe considers the following in helping you resolve wildlife conflicts safely and humanely:

Is it a problem at all? For example, if a family of fox makes a den in your neighborhood, will they attack your child or your pet? Educating you about the natural history of wild animals may help you see that they are not a threat.

Collect information. Once a wildlife problem has been identified, it is necessary to positively identify the species involved, the extent of the damage, whether young animals are present and what and when management procedures can be done to resolve the issue permanently through humane animal removal solutions.

Assess the seriousness of the problem. Important considerations involve the impact on the animals involved, safety or health concerns to people or pets, likelihood of recurrence and whether the animal damage appears to be seasonal or ongoing.

Get the facts and consider the options. Taking action should be your last step. Humane animal exclusion, eco-friendly animal repellents, changing human cultural practices and habitat modification are all viable, humane strategies.

Will the action solve the problem or merely address the symptoms? The humane animal control solution needs to address the underlying cause of the problem to be effective over the long-term.

Critter Control’s certified wildlife specialists have the training and experience to quickly identify the wild animal causing the problem. We work with you to develop a plan to trap and remove the nuisance wildlife pest, prevent future animal infestation and repair animal damage. We back it up with our animal exclusion guarantee – “Our Repairs Keep Animals Out!”

Services Performed
• Species-specific no-trap animal removal techniques featuring one-way doors and excluders

• Humane animal handling, safe harborage and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings

• The use of eco-friendly animal repellents and deterrent techniques to discourage return

• Professional grade animal proofing: animal entry and exit holes, identified problem areas, roof vents, chimneys, plumbing-vent pipes, exhaust vents, decks, porches, garages, etc.

• Consumer awareness and education regarding follow-up procedures

CritterSafe by Critter Control is the environmentally friendly animal removal alternative for residential and commercial property owners not satisfied with traditional options for property damaging wildlife. Our CritterSafe exclusion, no-trap wildlife removal and onsite release wildlife services utilize humane wildlife handling techniques that go the extra mile to protect wild animals.

Call us for any animal control or animal removal issue at 1-800-CRITTER. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!

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